SB Works offers affordable business services, co-working space and experienced consultants for local small businesses.

SB Works serves established, neighborhood-serving businesses in DC that face manageable but persistent barriers to profit or growth and require substantive, hands-on consulting to overcome them. We target businesses with fewer than 20 employees and annual revenues of $50,000-500,000.


Our services are based in DC’s Ward 5. Businesses in this area are given priority, but those throughout the District are also welcome to apply.



How it Works


Once a business is accepted into the program, a trained business adviser will conduct a Comprehensive Business Assessment to identify specific areas for support. SB Works will then assign qualified consultants to work one-on-one with the business owner on up to three areas of need, with each client receiving around 20 hours of consulting total. Once complete, the consultants will report back to SB Works to track results and measure impact.




SB Works provides both free and subsidized services. Many one-on-one services receive 50/50 cost-sharing subsidies via funding from the DC Department of Housing and Community Development. In some cases, services are subsidized for up to two-thirds of the cost.


Exact client costs vary but generally include:

  • Comprehensive Business Assessment (interview, assessment report, recommendations): $150
  • One-on-One Consulting Services: $25-30/hour for the client (up to 20 hours per client)