SB Works offers affordable business services, co-working space and experienced consultants for local small businesses.

SB Works provides qualified consultants with convenient access to high quality clients. We connect the area’s talented business support experts to meaningful, structured projects that help locally owned and operated businesses remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.


A Powerful Network for Small Business Solutions


Our clients run businesses that make DC great. We’re here to ensure that they thrive. SB Works helps small business owners preserve and grow their businesses.


We are building a network of talented consultants to provide market rate and subsidized business services to client businesses. Our socially responsible service providers understand the unique needs of local small businesses—and they’re ready to roll up their sleeves.


The most popular forms of assistance involve:

  • business planning
  • growth and transition strategies
  • general & financial operations management
  • marketing and sales
  • property upgrades


See our Services page for full descriptions of our offerings.


Engaging Work, Local Impact


We work with consultants who love serving small businesses and want to make a significant, sustainable impact on their community. Our unique model provides local business consultants access to compelling projects, with the operational support that lets you focus on what you do best. We offer two pipelines for your consulting business: subsidized, fixed-rate technical assistance and private vendor referrals.


Subsidized Technical Assistance | SB Works secures clients, identifies manageable project scopes, and monitors impact


SB Works leverages DC government funding to subsidize high-impact, small-scale technical assistance projects. Our staff will identify manageable projects that are crucial for the business’ well-being and growth. Consultants will be assigned to work one-on-one with business owners on a pre-scoped project at a fixed hourly rate. Once complete, consultants will report back to SB Works to track results and measure impact.


Referral Services | SB Works provides businesses with referrals for private contracts


The SB Works Referral Network offers limitless opportunities for business owners and consultants to engage in meaningful projects of any scope. Business owners seeking a trustworthy, capable consultant for their business contact SB Works and receive up to three referrals for qualified providers who meet their needs. Business owners and consultants negotiate their scope and terms independently.



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